Tips for Handling Dog Events on a Rainy Day

Tips for Handling Dog Events on a Rainy Day

rainydogWe’ve all been there. We had exciting plans to spend time outdoors and then we get hit with a weather forecast that calls for puddled and mud and general gloominess. Yes, a rainy day does put a damper on things but there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the dog-friendly events.

Here are some tips to help you navigate a dog event when rain is in the forecast:

Be prepared.  No matter how hard they try to get it right, we know that a “slight chance” of showers could mean a downpour. So, just try to be prepared. Make sure to wear sensible shoes and a raincoat and bring an umbrella, a few towels, and some baby wipes so you can clean off a bit before you and your dog get back in your car. And just accept that you’re going to get a little wet and muddy and may need to change clothes when you’re done partying it up with your pets.

Wet hair, don’t care? Awesome! If you don’t mind a little mud and rain, then it’s a great time to let your dogs let loose and get dirty. (Like this guy.) Just remember, not everyone is cool with muddy paws so make sure Fido doesn’t get so excited that he forgets his manners and jumps up on another event guest.

Leave your dog at home and take the party inside! If muddy paws or shoes, frizzy hair, or general humidity make you want to just stay home and binge on Netflix (also not a bad idea), look for an indoor event to enjoy. Remember that you can still donate at Yappy Hours and enjoy your beverage inside – just remember that most bars don’t allow dogs indoors.

If your dog is scared of thunderstorms, please leave him at home. I have a rain-phobic dog who is terrified of thunder, so it would benefit everyone if he’s not outside when a downpour hits. Better to just leave our scaredy-dogs at home, turn the TV or radio up, and leave a few t-shirts near their beds to help them stay calm and comforted.

No leaving the dog in the car. The heat and humidity in a car can still reach deadly temperatures, even if it’s raining. Most people will want to roll their car windows all the way up in the rain so it’s not a good place for your dog to wait while you’re enjoying yourself indoors.

The moral of the story is: if a little rain doesn’t faze you, go out and enjoy!

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