Health. Enrichment. Advocacy. Longevity.
These are the cornerstones of great pet care. HEAL offers full service veterinary care, surgery, dentistry, pet acupuncture, pain management, pet weight loss programs, canine rehabilitation and more. From complementary dental and new adoption exams to advanced multi-disease management, HEAL customizes care to fit your pet’s needs. HEAL offers monthly Pet Parent Education Seminars (PPEs). So mark your calendar for the 3rd Tuesday of each month and join us at 7pm for complementary pet education. Monthly topics can be found on our Google calendar. Please call or email to reserve your seat.

History and Philosophy.
HEAL Veterinary Hospital is a primary care, advanced service veterinary facility. Created and directed by Dr. Brittney Barton, HEAL strives to become the other ‘family doctor’.

Pets are more than companions or a warm body next to you at night, they are our family. HEAL offers educational support to pet parents and embraces their role in the maintenance of a healthy, happy, furry family member.

Traditional veterinary care and nutritional advances are allowing our beloved pets to live longer, healthier lives. As our pets live longer, ailments such as declining nerve conditions and chronic arthritis pain can be difficult to manage with medication and diet alone. Utilizing multi-modal therapies such as acupuncture, dry needling, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and strengthening exercises can improve the health and quality-of-life for our senior pets.

Rehabilitative and conditioning therapy can support healthy weight loss for both dogs and cats while also enriching their lives.