Dog of the Week: Tinker

Dog of the Week: Tinker

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Tinker!

Tinker is a 7-year-old Papillon who lives in Plano with her owner, Carrie. Tinker enjoys sleeping; eating; lying in the sun; chasing squirrels, cats, and birds; playing with her toys; and licking lotion off of Carrie’s arms. She is not a fan of baths, loud noises, or lip smacking. Her favorite treat is string cheese.

Carrie says, “Tinker is special because she doesn’t bark. The cutest thing is watching her make the motions of barking but no sound comes out. She will chase a squirrel to the tree and then stand at the bottom with her mouth moving like she’s barking – but no sound comes out! Sometimes, she gives a little cough but no barking. Kind of sad, but also very nice!”

Congratulations to Tinker for being the Dog of the Week!

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