Dog of the Week: Ginger

Dog of the Week: Ginger

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Ginger!

Ginger just celebrated her Sweet 16 birthday this week on September 12.  She lives in Dallas with her mom Merisa and her two fur-sisters. Ginger enjoys prancing, howling, being bossy, and head-butting her mama during feeding time. Her pet peeves are being ignored and empty food dishes. Ginger’s favorite treats are anything she can steal from her canine siblings.

Merisa tells us, “I am a sucker for senior dogs. They just tug at my heart. Thank goodness my husband allowed me to rescue Ginger the Pug from DFW Pug Rescue in December 2015 at the ripe old age of 14…but you wouldn’t know it. She is so full of life and energy, you would think she’s still a puppy. I am so honored that Ginger allowed us to give her a new home and family!”

Congratulations to Ginger for being the Dog of the Week!

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