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White Rock Pet Food Delivery

White Rock Pet Food Delivery

It’s happened to the best of us. With all the activities and errands, not to mention work and family, that we must juggle in our day-to-day lives, it can be hard to find time to visit our favorite pet supply store to pick up Fido’s food, treats, and supplies. And if you find yourself running low on pet food, inevitably that will be the week that late meetings and soccer practice make it nearly impossible to get to the pet store before it closes. Luckily, White Rock Pet Food Delivery can pitch in and make our lives a little less hectic, not to mention keeping our furry family members happy and well-fed.

About White Rock Pet Food Delivery

White Rock Pet Food Delivery (WRPFD) was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping pet owners maintain optimal health for their pets through good diet. They understand that pet owners want to provide food for their pets that is free of artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, and excess sugar and salt. WRPFD specializes in natural pet foods containing no by-products, wheat, or corn. They also carry frozen raw foods, grain-free foods, canned and dry foods, as well as healthy treats and chews. Their product inventory also includes supplements, kitty litter, grooming products, natural flea and tick prevention, and toys.

How it works

It’s very easy to get started. After you’ve browsed through WRPFD’s list of available products, simply make note of what you would like to order, and then contact White Rock Pet Food Delivery by phone or email. If you have any questions at all about the products or would like some assistance in choosing a food, treat, or supplement, WRPFD can certainly answer any questions you may have.

Generally, orders are taken via email. WRPFD customers contact the owner, Laurie Shwiff, by email with their orders and she replies with their totals. Laurie will send out a delivery day notification email one week before delivery day, which is every other Thursday or Friday. She makes arrangements with her customers to securely leave their payments for her (she accepts cash, check, and PayPal) and she delivers the food to either their home or office. No one is required to be home for her to make a delivery; she can either leave the order on the front porch or inside the home, if the customer prefers. Currently, WRPFD delivers to Dallas, Plano, Allen, Richardson, and Garland every other week. They also deliver to Carrollton, McKinney, and Oak Cliff once a month.

For more information

An entire list of products, including ingredient lists and nutritional information, can be found on the White Rock Pet Food Delivery website, You can also call Laurie at 214-327-6351 or email her at WhiteRockPetFoodDelivery@pobox.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you have any questions at all about the products she carries or if you’d like to ask for suggestions for a pet food that could help a specific issue your pet is facing, be sure to give her a call. Laurie’s customers sing her praises when it comes her recommendations, even crediting her with helping to save their pets’ lives. For expert advice on pet nutrition, be sure to check out White Rock Pet Food Delivery!

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