post-title Tales of a Pooper Scooper

Tales of a Pooper Scooper

Tales of a Pooper Scooper

Picking up poo for a living is a dirty job, but someone has to do it, right? You might imagine there is a certain element of occupational hazard when it comes to pet waste management, like dirty boots, rainy weather, and the unmistakeable smell that we as pet owners could all do without.

But getting pulled over by the police for suspicion of theft? That’s new.

Granted, going into someone else’s backyard and leaving with something you didn’t come in with might look suspicious. Unless the items you are taking out are piles of doggie doo.

But one local pooper scooper found herself in that exact situation. Sarah Kavaljian, an employee of Dallas-based Poo B Gone, recounted this hilarious tale on Facebook:

Well it’s been an interesting morning. As I was leaving one of my client’s abode I got pulled over. Apparently a neighbor called the police because I was “in someone’s yard”. Now granted, the brand new [Poo B Gone] truck isn’t wrapped with a company logo yet but I’m definitely wearing my uniform shirt. For those who don’t know – you could signal passing aircraft with how neon these shirts are.

poo b goneIf you haven’t seen their shirts before, here you go. Pretty hard to miss.

Sarah goes on to say the officer was very nice and was pretty amused when he realized what had happened:

“I could see the smile creeping across his face as he walked up to my window,” she wrote. “Oddly enough when you walk past a giant trash can full of poop it sort of explains itself. He explained why he stopped me and he managed to let me get past the words ‘I pick up dog poop for a living’ before he just started giggling.”

Her description included these rhetorical questions: “Don’t all the hardened criminals go into someone’s yard *using their gate code* carrying only a bucket and rake and come out with poop? 😜 Don’t these hardened criminals also close the gate behind them when they are done thieving and pilfering?

“I mean, just because you’re a criminal doesn’t mean you’re a cretin- stand there and wait for the electric gate to finish closing like a civilized person.”

Sarah definitely has a sense of humor about the situation, even coming up with a clever nickname for the company truck. “The new truck is now dubbed Sir Pooburgler. Long may he nefariously snatch poop.”

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  1. Lol, this is a hilarious story! I am a Girl Scout completing my Silver Award, and for my project I am creating cost-efficient dog waste bag stations, so that it will be easier for people to clean up after their dogs! The stations are made out of PVC pipes with holes cut in them. How they will work is that you can put your extra used plastic grocery bags in the station, and whenever you need one, you can take one. Hopefully this idea spreads, and everyone will clean up after their dogs!!

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