post-title Skyler: Off the streets, but not out of danger

Skyler: Off the streets, but not out of danger

Skyler: Off the streets, but not out of danger

Skyler is a dog that was rescued from the streets of Pleasant Grove ealier this summer. She lived her whole life without a home, depending on scraps to survive. She had a litter of puppies and tried very hard to care for them. Unfortunately, another stray dog had puppies on that same street at the same time. Within a few weeks, there were puppies everywhere! Neighbors rounded up the other mama dog and as many puppies as they could catch, and took them to the city shelter. We came out as soon as we found out and managed to save 2 of the remaining pups and Skyler, who had managed to escape the round-up.

Neighbors told us Skyler was “vicious,” presumably because she is a pit bull mix. When we first found her, she was hidden under a pile of rubble and would not move. I told another rescuer that I thought she was dying. We moved some of the debris and to our surprise, Skyler darted out and ran away. We set up a humane trap to catch the puppies (because we had a rescue group willing to take them in) and arranged for the trap to be monitored.

Where we first found Skyler hiding

Later than evening, I got a call that the trap had been triggered – not by a puppy, but by Skyler! I didn’t know what to do. We could release her back into the streets, but she was painfully skinny and covered in ticks. She would not last long on her own. But we had nobody to take the mama dog. We had been told she was aggressive. It seemed our only option was to take her to the city shelter, which would almost certainly mean she would be euthanized. I called Kelly and Scote, two volunteer rescuers, to see if they could help me load the trap into my car for the long, sad drive to the shelter.

Skyler in the trap

When they arrived to the house, Kelly could not bear to let Skyler go to the shelter. She coaxed her out of the trap, and although Skyler was scared and thrashed around a bit, she calmed down almost instantly when Kelly spoke to her. I left to get a bigger crate and when I returned 30 minutes later, Kelly was carrying Skyler in a blanket to her car. She gave Skyler a kiss on the muzzle, and Skyler let her. She was no more aggressive than puppy – which is what she was. Neighbors estimate that she was only a year old when we caught her.

Kelly and Scote took Skyler home and painstakingly pulled about 100 ticks off her. She’s been staying with Kelly, but they already have their own dogs and Skyler has been staying in a crate for most of the time. There is no backyard, so Skyler’s outside time is very limited. To add to the issues, adding a new dog to an already cramped schedule means that Kelly has not had time to work with Skyler to help her become socialized. Scheduling vet care has been a planning nightmare, so Skyler has still not been spayed.

Skyler DESPERATELY needs a foster family who has the time and space to allow her to get to her vet appointments, to get some exercise, and to help make her into a confident little lady so she can be someone’s loving pet. She’s as sweet as they come – she is just very, very shy and needs help coming out of her shell.

To foster or adopt Skyler, please email me at or call me at 214-799-0335.

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  1. Hi! So touched by this story. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am looking into my own personal situation, as I am responsible for my disabled daughter but also my pets. I am saddened about her breed because everyday in our country,all pitties are PTS. It is a disgrace and tragic end to treat a breed like this,a breed that has done nothing but been ruined by humans making huge mistakes. Are the no kill shelters completely full? That is probably a stupid question these days. I pray that Skyler will live.

  2. I am so touched by this story because i have a pit bull that my son & some friends rescued him and 4 siblings also the mother from some were around Lake Texoma the mom was so mal nurshied she died the day after the puppies were saved Our dog Choey goes to Camp Bow wow to stay socialized with between36 to40 dogs and also lives with 3 cats Janet Hale

  3. I have a dog and 3 cats in a small place already or I would love to come get this wonderful dog. I would be happy to help any way I can. If you need someone to drive or pick up from vet visits etc… I would love to help if I can.

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