post-title Lost Foster Dog – Dallas – Northwest Hwy/Easton Area

Lost Foster Dog – Dallas – Northwest Hwy/Easton Area

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Lost Foster Dog – Dallas – Northwest Hwy/Easton Area

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If spotted or found, call 214-901-4879

Former shelter dog determined to run…is lost



More eyes help find the dog — that may be an old folk saying, or maybe a new one. True, though. Maybe it’ll work this time.

At any rate, the missing dog is this one.

She has a history with two organizations — when she was at peril in the Dallas Animal Services Shelter & Adoption Center, she was Sasha. Now that she’s a ward of Paws In The City, she’s known as Sissy.

But the truth is, nobody knows for sure if she was either name long enough to respond and that is what complicates the issue.

She was with a foster home in North Dallas last week when she decided to leave.

Shelley Roberts of Paws in The City say the last time she was seen was around midnight on [November] 30th. That was “at the assisted living retirement homes at Churchill Estates,” says Shelley. “Ran two miles to get there, apparently.”

That’s on Northwest Highway just east of Easton.

She’s wearing a collar with a rescue dog tag and the phone number 214-901-4879. The dog is also microchipped.

She’s skittish, about 2 years old and weighs 16 pounds.




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