post-title Learn the Art of Dog Photography

Learn the Art of Dog Photography

Learn the Art of Dog Photography

berg 2Let’s face it. When we scroll through the photos in our phones, most of us will find a plethora of pictures of our dogs: sitting on the couch, begging for a treat, sleeping, doing that cute thing that will almost always earn him a belly rub.

For many dogs, however, it’s not just a matter of filling up memory on their owner’s phone. For a shelter dog, it can mean the difference in getting adopting and spending endless days in a kennel.

Whether you want to learn how to take better pictures of your beloved pet or if you would like to sharpen your photography skills to help local animal shelters and rescue organizations, you will benefit from taking a class from a professional. That’s where Teresa Berg comes in.

Each year, Teresa Berg Photography hosts two beginner photography classes called Dog Shots. The class is for “pet lovers who want to fall in love with their DSLRs” and aims to equip them with the skills they need to take beautiful portraits of their pets or to help animals find homes.

berg3“We keep our class size small so that every attendee gets to work hands-on with me and our live dog models,” explains Teresa Berg. “It’s very difficult to find a class for beginners where you can shoot alongside a professional photographer with your own equipment and learn all the tricks.”

Students can expect to learn the benefits of stepping away from their automatic camera modes and discover how to use the manual settings on their DSLRs. Not only are students able to learn new techniques in a professional photography studio, they also have the benefit of working with models and animal handlers — much easier to focus on taking photos when you aren’t trying to hold a dog in place while you snap that perfect picture!

The next Dog Shots class is on Saturday, March 12, but hurry — there are only three spots left. Tuition is $295 per person for the one-day class and includes a catered lunch. Photographers and pet lovers who wish to sign up for the class should contact Teresa Berg Photography at 972-250-2415. (If you can’t make it to the March class, she’s offering another one in September.) For more information about the Dog Shots class, visit

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  1. Hi Theresa–Will you be offering the class after March? I’ve niot only been a fan of yours since your Sunday Morning “article” back in 2011, but I’ve been hoping to attend one of your courses since then.

    Hoping you have more…

    1. Dog Shots will be offered again September 18th, 2016 — but don’t wait to0 long to sign up! We keep the classes small so that everyone gets a chance to play. Watch our facebook page for announcements on all of our classes.

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