post-title Josie, the dog lost by a local boarding facility, is back home

Josie, the dog lost by a local boarding facility, is back home

Josie, the dog lost by a local boarding facility, is back home

Many of you have probably heard of Josie, the dog who was lost by a Carrollton boarding facility on June 30. Her owner, Sandra Liu, was in Europe for a wedding when she got the news that Josie was missing, and she cut her trip short and flew back to the States to begin searching.

Sandra created a Facebook page, Bring Josie Home, where people could post sightings and coordinate search efforts. The page reached over 1,400 followers in a matter of days and flyers were posted all over Dallas-Fort Worth. Sandra was extremely worried that the commotion of all the 4th of July fireworks shows would sent Josie into a state of panic, and that she would run into traffic.

Josie flyer

Today, there was a sighting of a dog matching Josie’s description and a quick-thinking Good Samaritan, Julie Lynn Bixler, managed to snap a few photos and post it to another local lost dog Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.00.14 PM

Photo from Facebook

The photos were clear enough to show Josie’s distinguishing markings to confirm it was indeed her!

Within minutes, volunteers from as far away as Waxahachie were on their way to the location near Mary Heads Carter Park in Carrollton to begin searching for Josie. The rescue effort was extremely organized, with searchers divided into quadrants and posting their street locations and search results. However, as the day wore on and temperatures rose, Josie seemed to be hiding in a cool spot, probably under some bushes, to escape the heat.

Just as Sandra was coordinating an impromptu cookout at the park — in the hopes that the smell of bacon and burgers would lure Josie out of hiding — another dedicated volunteer, Vero Contreras, was still combing the area, squeaking her dog’s toy as she walked.

Vero posted, “At the dead end of Camel [Drive] there was a bush area and a small creek. Really wooded area, I walked it ringing my dog’s toy and she finally came out slowly towards me. I did what everyone said, sat on the floor without calling her until [Josie’s] mommy arrived and she went to her. I stayed back for fear she might get scared and run away again. I fed her some food and water that I had with me.”

Vero’s ability to remain calm and resist the urge to call out or chase Josie is most likely what saved her life. Sandra was able to meet Vero and Josie went right up to her for a very emotional reunion. Sandra immediately posted this message — although completely garbled due to excitement, everyone understood what it meant: “Found found found!!!!n cant write going to vet. Ask vero. Cna t see tank you!!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.05.25 PM

Photo from Facebook

Josie seems to have lost a few pounds and is very tired, but otherwise seems to be in good shape. At the time of this posting, Sandra was on the way to the vet with Josie to have her checked out thoroughly.

Josie found

Photo from Bring Josie Home Facebook Page

We at have been following this story closely and are thrilled that Josie is safe! We’d also like to extend a heartfelt “Well done!” to everyone who posted Josie’s picture and helped search. It really does take a village to save a dog!

Photo from Bring Josie Home Facebook Page

Photo from Bring Josie Home Facebook Page

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  1. Amazing group of people. So thankful this story has a happy ending. I had such an emotional reaction when I saw Julie’s pictures. Congrats Josie, your Mommy loves you so much!

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