Traci Murdock, CPDT-KA, is a Master Trainer, Canine Behavior Specialist, and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and she is a Talent Scout and Wrangler. She has trained dogs and their humans for over 11 years. Traci’s expertise includes pet dog issues, nutrition, behavior issues, dog sports and activities, and rescue and adoption, and she has experience in just about any dog-related subject. Traci volunteers as a behavior consultant and trainer for rescues and shelters.

Traci’s competition in dog sports and experience in print and film media has allowed her to broaden the set of skills and tools that she uses to train dogs and their humans. Lessons learned while training for Flyball, Agility, Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Herding, Freestyle, Frisbee, and Therapy work translate into enhanced methods of teaching pets to be better companions and family members AND allow us to have fun with them. She is a member of the 4 Dog Flight flyball club and her dogs hold titles in several sports, including flyball and agility, and work in the community as therapy dogs and in community and pet education.

Traci created the Hollywood Dog™ class to teach owners the skills necessary to break into show business and Reactive Dog™ classes to help people learn to manage their dogs’ out of control behaviors and teach the dog the skills needed to have more normal interactions with the world around them. She prides herself on creating rewarding relationships between dogs and owners by equipping them with the knowledge to lead a happy and healthy life together.

“I take pride in providing my clients with personalized attention and professional instruction that is based on the most up-to-date science about dog training and behavior. My goal is to help you better understand and teach your dog so he or she can be a valued, lifelong companion.

“My training methods are non-force-based, progressive, and very dog friendly. You’ll love the simplicity, your dog will love the attention, and you’ll both love the results. No more struggling to get your dog’s attention and cooperation. You’ll be delighted with your dog’s progress and will look forward to each lesson.”

Group Classes:
• Hollywood Dog™
• Reactive Dog™
• Hound Around Town™
• Basic Obedience and Manners
• Intermediate Obedience and Manners
• Flyball
• Pre-Sports
• Shy Dog
• Puppy Head Start
• Intermediate Puppy Class

See more photos at http://www.picturespot.photoreflect.com and http://www.flyball.com/4DogFlight!

Services Offered
• Pet/Competition Obedience & Dog Sports
• Kennel-less, In-My-Home Boarding, Training & Day Care
• Group Classes
• Clicker Training
• Private Lessons
• Behavior Consultations
• Photography
• Seminars
• Talent Scout/Wrangler

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