Hollywood Feed is a network of all different types of people, from all over the country, interconnected because of a common passion – our dogs. And our dogs have driven us to producing better products, like our Mississippi Made dog beds, sourced 100% from the United States, and made in economically-depressed areas of our country, in turn providing work to hundreds of Americans in times of need.

You can trust the knowledge of our veterinarian-trained staff, the quality of our American made products, and feel good about all of your purchases at Hollywood Feed. We began as the local feed store on the corner of Hollywood Street in Midtown Memphis. We counted the Zoo, the pound, and the local Police force as our original house accounts. Over the next three decades, it was the place to get pet food, good advice, and friendly service. In the 80s, as the city closed in around Hollywood Feed, they began focusing on household pets.

After being customers for many years, the new owners acquired Hollywood Feed with the intention of building on this great legacy. We’ve seen many changes over the years and today we’re a neighborhood pet store carrying the best natural and holistic pet products. We carry the best grain-free and natural dog food at an affordable price. Our health and nutrition trained is staff ready to help make the best decisions for your pet.

We always stand by our promise: “If your pet doesn’t love it, or you don’t love it, we’ll gladly replace or refund it.”



4817 W. Park Blvd #815, Plano, TX 75093

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9:00am - 7:30pm


9:00am - 7:30pm


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Rescue/Adoption Events

Rescue/Adoption Events

This location hosts adoption events with local animal rescue organizations.