post-title How to get that perfect Santa picture with your pet

How to get that perfect Santa picture with your pet

How to get that perfect Santa picture with your pet

santa - lovieIt’s December! The last month of the year, and the time when we dress up our two- and four-legged kids in their holiday finest to take pictures with Santa (or the Grinch, if you prefer). If you’ve never experienced Santa photos with your dog, here are a few tips for a great picture.

  • A tired dog is a good dog. If your dog tends to be super excited and wiggly, try going for a long walk beforehand to release some of that excess energy. It’ll help him sit still for a few minutes while the photographer captures his best smile.
  • Bring along a favorite toy and stand BEHIND the photographer (not off to the side). Your dog will likely be looking for you, so if you stand behind the photographer and wave the toy, the photographer will be able to capture your dog looking into the camera.
  • Cute sweaters or hats make a cute photo – but only if your dog is okay with accessories. If he’s constantly trying to take off his hat, try a festive scarf instead.
  • Bring reinforcements. If your dog is hard to handle, bring someone along so they can hold the leash while you fill out paperwork and pay. It’s hard to write or fish for your wallet when you have a dog pulling you to go greet a new fur-friend.
  • Speaking of writing, please write legibly if your photo will be sent to you after the event. Some photos will be printed onsite, but others will be mailed or emailed afterwards. Please be sure your contact information is written down clearly so that your photos get to you in a timely manner.

Another tip: Most Santa photo events benefit local rescues, so not only will you get a great keepsake, but you’ll be helping out the dogs in our community who need forever homes!

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