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Haute Dog Haircuts Mobile Paw Spa

Haute Dog Haircuts Mobile Paw Spa

Those of us with dogs who require regular grooming often struggle to find days with enough available time for us to drop our dogs off at a groomer, wait nearby for a few hours, then return to pick up our pets when the groomer is finished. When you’re crunched for time and don’t have several hours to wait, or you can’t be away from home or your office for that long, your dog’s appearance can suffer while you try to make arrangements for grooming. When you need someone who can work around your schedule, call Haute Dog Haircuts. Haute Dog Haircuts Mobile Paw Spa is a little grooming shop on wheels that comes to you and your dog to provide baths and haircuts, as well as other services, in about half the time of other grooming facilities.

About Haute Dog Haircuts

ImageHaute Dog Haircuts Mobile Pet Spa is owned and operated by Brandee Redden, a University of Texas graduate who left her corporate job to pursue her passion of working with pets. Formerly a dog trainer, Brandee discovered her creative niche in grooming and has been grooming pets for over seven years. Prior to starting Haute Dog Haircuts, Brandee was a grooming instructor and salon manager.

Haute Dog Haircuts provides full-service grooming to clients in the Lake Highlands, Casa Linda, Forest Hills, and Lakewood areas of Dallas, as well as some parts of Garland and Mesquite. I was lucky enough to arrange for Brandee come to my home (which is just a tad outside of their service area) to help my poor Pekingese Chewy get back to his normal, gorgeous self. After several weeks of not being groomed, in addition to all the mud that was left after the recent ice storms, Chewy was in bad shape. I called Haute Dog Haircuts and spoke with Brandee, and made an appointment for her to come to my house for Chewy’s spa day.

How it works

ImageOn our scheduled appointment day, Brandee drove up to my house in the Haute Dog Haircuts van. She introduced herself to me and Chewy, and asked how I would like for him to be groomed. After getting my instructions, she took Chewy out to the van to start on his spa services. Brandee happily gave me a tour of the van, which has its own water and electricity supply and functions completely on its own. The van has a tub, grooming table, blow dryer, clippers, several types of shampoos, as well as a variety of ribbons and bandanas – everything Brandee needs to make your dog look (and smell!) wonderful.

ImageAfter a look around the van, I left Chewy with Brandee and retreated back into my house. In about an hour, Brandee rang the doorbell! I was very surprised; usually Chewy spends about three hours with a groomer before he is ready to be picked up. When I opened the door I saw Brandee holding a much less-furry and better smelling Chewy, who seemed very happy to be so-fresh-and-so-clean. Based on Chewy’s behavior around Brandee, I could tell he’d had a great time being groomed, which is always important. When your dog tries to follow the groomer out of the house, it’s a safe bet that he was treated well and will enjoy future grooming sessions.

Pricing and Services

ImageHaute Dog Haircuts offers both haircut services and bath-only services. Baths and grooms both include nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, oatmeal shampoo, coat drying, and brush out, as well as a bow or bandana and cologne. In addition to breed-specific cuts and custom styles, Haute Dog Haircuts also offers hydrating conditioners, toothbrushing, shedding treatments, nail filing, specialty shampoos, and Capstar flea treatments. Haircut services begin at $55 for toy breeds/small dogs and bath-only services start at $35 for toy breeds/small dogs. Additional charges may apply for size/weight of pet, coat condition (severe matting or tangles), temperament, hand scissoring, and the age of the pet. All pets are required to be current on rabies vaccinations before grooming. Discounts for referrals and multiple pets are available; simply check the Haute Dog Haircuts website for more information about pricing.

For more information

To learn more about Haute Dog Haircuts, please visit the website at You can find photos of clients, a FAQ section, information about the owner, and a tour of the Haute Dog van. You can also follow Haute Dog Haircuts by liking their Facebook page. To contact Brandee directly, you can email her at or call (469) 766-DOGS (3647).

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  1. Please help I have 2 dogs , girl and boy very mild mannered happy animals with a need for grooming for my son for christmas. Help

    1. Hi Victoria – please contact Brandee at the phone number or email in the article to discuss pricing and to schedule a grooming appointment. Thanks!

  2. brandee, do you have anytime to groom gustav today or tommorrow dec.16 or 17??? SOS!!! Email or call at 214-321-1011

  3. yes my dog needs to be groomed and I was wondering if you could come on Saturday if you are available my number is 972 757 2016 thanks

  4. Barrett needs to be groomed. I sent a message on Friday but may have used an out of date address (it was Gmail).
    Phone number is 214-797-7177

  5. Would need my small breed 13 year old Morky groomed this week before Saturday. I can be also reached at 214-769-3096. Thanks!

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