post-title Found Black Lab Puppy – Needs a Home!

Found Black Lab Puppy – Needs a Home!

Found Black Lab Puppy – Needs a Home!

Update March 1, 2013: Puppy has a home! He’s now living with a great family with two young children that keep him very busy. Congrats, Puppy!

On Monday evening (1/14/2013), a Good Samaritan came across a very bouncy, very friendly little black Lab puppy near the intersection of Mountain Creek Parkway and Camp Wisdom in Dallas. He saw that the pup had a collar on, so he stopped to check for tags so he could alert the owner. Unfortunately, the collar did not have any identification. Thinking the dog might be microchipped, the Good Samaritan took the puppy to an emergency vet, who scanned him for a chip, but found nothing.


The Good Samaritan had no choice but to bring the dog home and try to find his owner. He and his wife, both Southwest Airlines employees, have posted notices to Dallas Animal Services, Craig’s List, Lost Dogs of Texas, and other local shelters. So far, nobody has come forward and they would like to place the little doggie – still unnamed – into a rescue group program so that he can find a loving home. Of course, if they can get him directly into a forever home, then they would love to do that!

Right now, he’s sleeping in their garage in a crate, so it would be great to get him into a home where he can get the care and attention he needs.


As you can see from the photos, the little puppy is very skinny. This little guy weighs 35 pounds, and was diagnosed with hookworms and roundworms, which are being treated.  He also has the beginnings of demodex (non-contagious mange) which will need to be treated soon. He is about 8 months old, so he will need to be neutered soon too.

This poor homeless pup just needs a loving home with lots of food and attention. As you can see from the video below, he is very energetic and loves to play. Since he is a pup, he still needs to learn some doggie manners but he will do great once he has some basic obedience training. He loves to chew on a rope toy and lay on a comfy dog bed.

If you can help, please contact Lindsay at To see more photos of the pup, please click here to visit the DDL Google+ Page.

Sharing is caring! You may not personally be able to help, but maybe one of your contacts can. Please post this to your Facebook or Twitter pages so that we can find this little guy a new home.

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