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Thu, Mar 7 - Sun, Mar 10
All Day

Dog City Training Center
15559 Wright Brothers Dr
Addison, TX 75001


Dog City Training Center is happy to host Bob Deeds (see bio on our website) for a Train the Trainer Geoscenting/Scent Work Seminar!

Dog City Training Center
(214) 506-3282

Thursday, March 7 through Sunday, March 10
9 AM – 5 PM

What is Geoscenting? Geoscenting is a sport that combines with the worldwide popularity of Geocaching. In Geocaching, we use a handheld GPS to find a position, and then we visually search for caches (usually small containers with little trinkets and a sign in sheet inside). In Geoscenting, we use the unparalleled ability of our dogs to find caches with a scent source attached. We’ll still use a GPS to get close, but our four legged friends will do the fun stuff!

Overview of Trainers Course:

The course is 40 hours spread over 4 days. Days will be split between lecture and hands on, with dogs.
Trainers will be expected to work a variety of dogs throughout the course. Many of those dogs will be furnished by course participants, so handlers will be able to bring multiple dogs. (NOTE: Dogs that do detection work such as narcotics, human remains detection, search and rescue, etc, should NOT be used in this class. This could lead to catastrophic results if that handler’s dog is called into court on a criminal matter.)
Some travel will be required to areas as far away as 15 miles from the training center. You will be responsible for transporting your dogs used in the field. Some dogs will not be used for this portion of training.
Course Outline:

What is scent?
How dogs “smell” … We will explore the physical attributes that make dogs better than us when it comes to scent detection.

The history of canine use in detection, if you want to know where we’re going you’ve got know where we’ve been!

Assessing dogs for detection work. We’ll take a look at the dogs that do the job for a living, what we look for when we pick them, and, most importantly, the myriad of differences that we’ll see in the pet dogs that our clients bring through class.

Imprinting odor in detection dogs. We’ll explore various techniques for teaching dogs to recognize a specific target odor and why not all techniques will be suitable for all dogs.

Drive… we’ll learn what drive is and how we can tap into it. (This will apply to ALL training, not just what we do in this course!)

Stress… as important as drive, we’ll learn about stress and how impacts performance.

The Alert… Dogs communicate via body language. We’ll learn the many “unintentional” ways a dog reacts to let us know they are “IN” scent.
We’ll teach dogs to “intentionally” communicate to us to let us know where scent sources are located.

There are many training aids we’ll explore. We’ll get firsthand experience with several props to enhance training and we’ll learn about many more.

Handling clove oil (our scent source) can be tricky. Learn to avoid cross contamination and how to handle scent vessels.

We’ll learn the appropriate use of operant and classical conditioning to achieve our goals.

When to use food… when to use toys…

Scent Therapy? Learn the benefits of scent work for dogs with behavior issues. This is the beautiful side effect of releasing your dog’s “inner dog”.

GPS, what it us and how to use it, and how your smart phone can be used as a simple replacement.

Learn about the world of Geocaching and the many types of caches and how to find where to look for them.

We’ll make, hide, and log our own caches on the internet so that others can find them.

We’ll do table top exercises to learn search strategy and we’ll go to the field to practice what we’ve learned. We’ll also explore scent propagation, how scent behaves with the movement of air, both inside and outside.

Each student trainer will receive a class outline for teaching three levels of Geoscenting… 21 weeks of classes!

You’ll learn how to organize your classes and how to lay out scent profiles appropriate for individual temperament and talent levels.

Auditing spot are unlimited and 12 working spots are available! We will post here as they begin to fill up.

Working Spots for 4 Full Days: $410 if paid before February 15th, 2013 (an additional $40 after Feb 15)

The Nose Knows – The Pathway to the Sport of GeoScenting has been approved for 21 CEUs for trainers and 0 CEUs for behavior consultants for working spots!!!

Auditing Spots for 4 Full Days: $280 if paid before February 15th, 2013 (an additional $40 after Feb 15)

Want us to USE YOUR DOG???? Sign up for an audit spot and one of the trainers can train your dog through this course. Email Paula for more details on this option. info@dogcitytrainingcenter.com

Dog City Training Center
(214) 506-3282

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