post-title Dogs of the Week: Nala & Drogon

Dogs of the Week: Nala & Drogon

Dogs of the Week: Nala & Drogon

This week we have two Dogs of the Week, Nala and Drogon!

nala and drogon

Nala, 2 years, and Drogon, 3 months, are both Rhodesian Ridgebacks who live in Austin, TX with their owner, Wynonah. They are big fans of the outdoors and love to hike, climb, and explore. They love to all food, even veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, but their favorite food is bacon. They love to travel, and their favorite spots are Zilker, Telluride, and especially grandma’s house – where they are “spoiled beyond belief!” The pet peeve for both of them is bath time.

Wynonah tells us:

Nala was very lonely at home when I had to be at work, and though she got free range of the house, she still found the cat to be not much comfort when Mama was away.

Drogon, the new puppy, has become her right hand man. They are so cuddly and sweet together but definitely know how to rile each other up!

Watching them interact has made me the happiest person alive knowing I could give Nala the companionship she deserves. And you best bet they get mounds of love when I AM home and able.

We sleep in a pile on the bed, Berlioz the kitty included. These guys are my pride and joy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!! They are so sweet and incredible.

Congratulations to Nala and Drogon for being the Dogs of the Week!

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