post-title Dogs of the Week: Major and Gracie

Dogs of the Week: Major and Gracie

Dogs of the Week: Major and Gracie

Meet Major and Gracie, our newest Dogs of the Week!

This week, we have a 2-for-1 special! Major (age 6) and Gracie (age 4) are Boston Terrier mixes who live in Dallas with their owner Gregory. Their favorite things are sunning outside, snuggling, belly rubs, attention, licking, sniffing, sleeping, stalking, following their people everywhere, interacting with guests, being persistent, begging for treats at meal time, and helping out in the kitchen. Their favorite treats are Daddy Greg’s puppy treats and they do not like bath time, being left at home alone, nail trimmings, or electronics like TV, computer, phones – because that means Greg can’t pay full attention to them!

Greg tells us, “Their unconditional love is contagious. Major was named after me and his other daddy. His other daddy’s middle name is Anthony and my middle name is Nelson. So put Anthony Nelson together and if you are a fan of the 60s sitcom I Dream of Jeanie, Major is the natural name! Gracie knows her name but answers to Gracie, Lu, or Major because she’s insanely jealous of Major getting attention. Love them!”


Congratulations to Major and Gracie for being the Dogs of the Week!

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