post-title Dogs of the Week: Lacy and Macy

Dogs of the Week: Lacy and Macy

Dogs of the Week: Lacy and Macy

Meet our newest Dogs of the Week, Lacy and Macy!

Lacy and Macy live in Garland with their owner, Synthialyn. Macy loves to play Frisbee and could be an all-star at agility…with a little training. Lacy, on the other hand, is more laid back and makes a better hunter. She never actually catches anything, but she’ll sit by the post in the back yard waiting for one of her gecko friends to make an appearance.

Synthialyn tells us, “They are sisters born right here in Dallas, Texas. They are always ready to pose for photos or take a nap. I’m often designing dog clothes and accessories, so I use them for my models, but they also bring my elderly parents much joy when I’m away. (My mother is on dialysis but the dogs give us a good excuse to get everyone out for a walk.)

“Macy acts like a baby and cries if I’m out of her sight, and Lacy never want to come back in side from when we’ve gone for a walk. And did I mention they bark a lot?”

Congratulations to Lacy and Macy for being the Dogs of the Week!

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