post-title Dog of the Week: Wilson

Dog of the Week: Wilson

Dog of the Week: Wilson

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Wilson!

Wilson is a 1-year-old Black Lab Mix  who lives in Lewisville with his owner, Alex. Wilson loves playing hide-and-seek (he’s the champ), watching cartoons (Spongebob is his favorite), and playing with every person and dog he meets. His pet peeve is getting a bath and his favorite treats are strawberries.

Alex tells us, “We got Wilson after moving from Austin to DFW and his sweet personality made a hard move way easier. He’s our best friend! Him being so friendly and adventurous has resulted in us making new friends and exploring the new city we live in. We can’t imagine life without him!”

Wilson sounds like an awesome dog! Congratulations to Wilson for being the Dog of the Week!

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