post-title Dog of the Week: Miss Penny Pie

Dog of the Week: Miss Penny Pie

Dog of the Week: Miss Penny Pie

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Miss Penny Pie! Miss Penny is a 1-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in McKinney with her parents, Jaclyn and Daniel. Miss Penny loves her boys and will herd them to where she wants them to go. Her favorite toys are socks and slippers. She loves Sunday family breakfast where she can be in doggy heaven by having eggs! She loves doing tricks but only if it means she will get a treat. She loves her Daddy and can’t get enough loving from him when he comes home from work. She loves to take naps on her side of the couch.

Miss Penny’s pet peeves are her boys swimming in the pool and the neighborhood squirrels and bunnies. Another pet peeve is paper – it must be destroyed and shredded at all costs. She will not go outside by herself unless she is supervised. Her favorite treats are cheese and french fries.

Jackie says, “Penny loves her Dallas Stars and San Antonio Spurs and will watch the games on TV with us. She made a cameo in a romance novel by Aven Ellis called Green Tea Lattes To Go. plus she has her own Instagram page: @themisspennypie

Congratulations to Miss Penny Pie for being the Dog of the Week!

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