post-title Dog of the Week: ZeigenBock

Dog of the Week: ZeigenBock

Dog of the Week: ZeigenBock

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, ZeigenBock!

ZeigenBock is a 1 1/2 year old “mutt” (as her mom Nikki affectionately calls her) who lives in Dallas. She was adopted as a small puppy from the Carrollton Animal Shelter and loves being out and about at DFW dog friendly events! I have run into “Z” on many occasions and she is always happy to pose for a photo.

Nikki tells it best:

“Z” is a rescue dog turned athlete. She does lure coursing and flyball, and is learning to dock dive! Her high energy has introduced her owner to the love of dog sports.

She loves the attention she gets when she is dressed up and poses (we call it the Regal Beagle Pose.) Her best friend is a Chihuahua named Pickle that she absolutely loves. Z will also eat anything that has been dipped in Ranch dressing.

Z loves car rides, but she prefers to ride in style – in the kiddo’s booster seat! She fits all 50 bounds of her into it! She is also the bendiest dog. One time I told her to kennel up and she folded herself into the Chihuahua’s x-small kennel instead of her x-large kennel.

Congratulations to ZeigenBock for being the Dog of the Week!

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