post-title Dog of the Week: Scout

Dog of the Week: Scout

Dog of the Week: Scout

scoutMeet our newest Dog of the Week, Scout!

Scout is a 7-month-old All-American (aka mixed breed) who lives in Dallas with his owner, Lauren. His favorite activities include digging and rolling around in the grass, playing with his friends at the dog park, car rides, and running in the lake.

He is scared of people (but getting better at it!) and doesn’t like people trying to pet his face. He also doesn’t like when his brother tries to take toys or bones away from him. Scout’s favorite treat is peanut butter.

Lauren says, “Scout has huge ears and is a great little watch dog. I got him when he was 7 weeks old and he has completely changed my life. I never knew I could love something as much as I love him.”

Congratulations to Scout for being the Dog of the Week!

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  1. Scout is an awesome dog! What a great choice for Dog of the Week! He is such a sweet little boy and Lauren is doing a great job with him.

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