post-title Dog of the Week: Sadie

Dog of the Week: Sadie

Dog of the Week: Sadie

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Sadie!

Sadie is a 7-month-old Lab mix who lives in Coppell with her owner, Aurora. Sadie loves her tea pot squeaker toy and giving mommy and daddy kisses, especially after getting in trouble. Sadie also enjoys swimming at White Rock Lake dog park and wrestling with other dogs. She has too many favorite treats to name, and her mom says that Sadie firmly believes there is no such thing as “too many kisses.”

Aurora tells us, “I always say this — just before Sadie came into our lives, Brandon and I were going to get a fish to put in our new apartment. However, a few days before [we were supposed to get the fish], my sister called and asked if we could watch a small puppy that she and her boyfriend found. We asked what kind of dog she was, and they said Sadie was a pit bull. Unfortunately, the apartment complex are ‘iffy’ about pit bulls, so we agreed to watch her just until her appointment at the SPCA so she could be surrendered.

“We picked Sadie up at my moms house and first thing we noticed was that she looked like a Lab. Later that night we had a talk, and we decided to keep her. And from that day forward, Sadie has been the best thing that could have happened to us. She brings so much love, happiness, and A LOT of laughter to our lives. We love her so much!”