post-title Dog of the Week: Queso

Dog of the Week: Queso

Dog of the Week: Queso

QuesoMeet our newest Dog of the Week, Queso!

Queso is a 6-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in Waxahachie with his owner, Jessica. Queso loves squeaky toys, being close to people, and making new friends. Jessica says that Queso has never met a stranger! And his favorite treat? It’s probably no surprise: cheese.

Queso’s only pet peeve might be receiving orders. He’s very outspoken when told, “Don’t do that!” Or “Get off the bed!”

Jessica tells us, “Queso is one of a kind. He’s a young guy but has already been through quite a bit. We recently found out he had an abscess on his lymph node and has had surgery done to remove it. It’s been a long couple of months of vet visits and tests and medicine, but Queso hasn’t lost an ounce of his spunky little personality. He loves everyone he comes into contact with, and will do anything to brighten your day if he senses you’re down. We simply couldn’t imagine how different our lives would be without this zippy little ball of funny and excitement.”

Congratulations to Queso for being the Dog of the Week!

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