post-title Dog of the Week: Jewel

Dog of the Week: Jewel

Dog of the Week: Jewel

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Jewel!

Jewel is a 4-year-old miniature Yorkshire Terrier who lives in Dallas with her owner, Laura. Jewel loves chicken, playing with small toys, being pushed around in the stroller or carried while shopping, visiting everyone, and french-kissing the kitties. She does not like being left alone, not getting to go out to eat, and not being the center of attention. Jewel’s favorite treats are Greenies.

Laura tells us, “The moment we met Jewel, my life totally changed. I went from working as a freelance makeup artist for TV, dropping everything when the phone rings and bouncing from different studios, to wanting to be a stay-at-home purse dog mom. Jewel came into my life at the perfect time. My mom was dying of cancer and when Jewel came into my life, she provided a lot of comfort and helped me keep my heart open during a difficult time. As soon as she came into my life, I felt like a mom for the first time. It was an interesting shift.

“When we first got Jewel, we bought her a blinged-out collar and a friend pointed out that it was super heavy. She told us that a friend had put a heavy collar on her dog and that over time, it had gotten arthritis. From that point on, we decided to come up with our own collar line called “RockStar Pet Collars” and now it is a successful business. We figured that if we had the problem of searching for a lightweight blingy collar, other people were looking for the same thing too. Now I get to spend a lot more time with Jewel and my lifestyle has totally changed and brought in a whole new community of people. So, not only did Jewel inspire a business, she also opened up doors to meet people we would have never met otherwise. She is our main model for our pet line and she is pink, so she does attract a lot of attention. It is not everyday that you see a pink dog!

“Jewel is definitely a dog that is special. She has never met a stranger and comes up and gives kisses to everyone she meets. People tell me all the time that her sweetness and openness has just made their day. I feel really lucky to have such a beautiful loving dog in my life.”

Congratulations to Jewel for being the Dog of the Week!

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