post-title Dog of the Week: Indigo

Dog of the Week: Indigo

Dog of the Week: Indigo

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Indigo!

Indigo is a 3-month-old Australian Shepherd pup who lives in Dallas with her mom, Nikki.  Indigo enjoys chasing tennis balls, nipping heels, getting tickles, eating leaves, and licking faces! She is not a fan of being told to stop nipping heels and eating leaves. Her favorite treat is peanut butter.

Nikki tells us, “Indigo has been with me for three weeks and charms everyone she meets with her adorable face and puppy kisses. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a sweet puppy. One night she, myself, and my boyfriend were sitting outside of Super Chix eating dinner when a woman approached, asked to pet her, and said seeing her completely turned around her bad day. How crazy fortunate that I get to say hi to her every day!”

Congratulations to Indigo for being the Dog of the Week!

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