post-title Dog of the Week: Gunner

Dog of the Week: Gunner

Dog of the Week: Gunner

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Gunner!

Gunner is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who lives in Fort Worth with his owner, Lisa. Gunner enjoys going to the park, playing with his Chuck-It fetch ball, or any toy squirrel that he can get his paws on. His favorite treats are Minties Dental Bones, Butcher’s Block Lung Bites, and Dog Bark Naturals Bacon Bark.

Gunner’s pet peeves are people touching his paws, having his nails trimmed, and getting a bath (although he loves the water and going swimming).

His owner Lisa says, “Gunner is an amazing dog. The first weekend we had him 3 years ago, he did not have a good reaction to his vaccinations from the vet and he got violently ill. We were worried he wasn’t going to make it because he was so young, but he was fine and has been amazing ever since. He is true to his breed – very loyal, sensitive, and with tons of energy. GSDs are definitely called ‘velcro dogs’ for a reason…they just love being by your side and their energy is unreal. They could play for hours!”

Congratulations to Gunner for being the Dog of the Week!

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