post-title Dog of the Week: Ghost

Dog of the Week: Ghost

Dog of the Week: Ghost

Meet our newest Dog of the Week, Ghost!


Ghost is a young (“We believe he’s a little over a year old,” says his owner Laura) Husky & German Shepherd mix from Lewisville.
Ghost loves belly rubs and to play in the backyard But he doesn’t run; he hops around like a bunny! He loves interactions, both from people and other dogs. He loves to learn new tricks and is the most motivated when food is involved…but who isn’t?!

Ghost isn’t picky when it comes to treats – he loves them all! The only thing Ghost seems to have an aversion to is water; he’s not a fan of rain or baths.

Laura tells us:

“We adopted Ghost on 5/14/16 and our life has been a lot more fun since then! Ghost was in a shelter for a while, before then he was a stray running the streets of DFW. We picked the name based on a character in the book series “Game of Thrones”: a big white direwolf. It seemed fitting. 😉   He’s a sweet boy, very affectionate and attached to his family. Something that makes him special (other than his entire personality!!) is his eyes. He has central heterochromia, meaning that one of his eyes is two colors, half golden and half white/blueish. I can’t imagine our life without him, our goofy lovable ball of fur!

Congratulations to Ghost for being the Dog of the Week!

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