post-title Dog of the Week: Copper

Dog of the Week: Copper

Dog of the Week: Copper

Meet our latest Dog of the Week, Copper!


Copper is a 1-year-old Catahoula from Allen who lives with her owner, Sam. Copper loves chasing rabbits, going to the dog park, playing with other dogs, relaxing on the couch, and being loved on by everybody she meets. Her favorite treats are eggs and peanut butter dog treats, and her pet peeves are getting a bath and noisy vacuum cleaners.

Sam tells us, “Copper first came into my life a month after my family’s dog Honey passed away. Honey was a Golden Retriever and the sweetest to anybody she met. Even though Honey was the family dog, everybody in my family said she was my dog. My mom used to say “you didn’t adopt her, she adopted you.” We lost Honey when she was 10, and it felt to all of us that we had lost a member of the family. Copper didn’t replace Honey but she did give us a new reason to love another animal. She is very energetic and lovable. Copper loves chewing on her toys and enjoying a bone every now and than. When I first adopted Copper her name was ‘Fluffy.’ It just didn’t seem like the right name to me but I couldn’t think of the right name until I saw the copper ring in her eyes.”

Congratulations to Copper for being the Dog of the Week!

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