post-title Dallas Pets Alive! #Muttbombing craze hits CNN!

Dallas Pets Alive! #Muttbombing craze hits CNN!

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Dallas Pets Alive! #Muttbombing craze hits CNN!

In case you haven’t heard of #muttbombing, it’s a brilliant social media campaign conceived by Dallas-based marketing agency Dieste Inc. And for one of the noblest causes ever: to help spread the word about Dallas Pets Alive! and their slew of homeless pets that need forever homes. From food bloggers to celebrities, no selfie is safe from muttbombers like Sandy and Bono. With cute mugs like that spiffing up your selfie, there’s no reason to hide!

CNN reporter Jeanne Moos interviewed Dallas Pets Alive! president and Executive Director Leslie Sans about this latest craze:

And, it didn’t take DPA long to muttbomb the most famous selfie of all time:

Dallas Pets Alive Muttbombs Oscar Selfie


For more #muttbombing greatness, visit their website at

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