Three Dog Bakery Food Drive benefits local rescue


The wonderful folks at Three Dog Bakery are once again going out of their way to help the homeless and needy dogs of DFW.  On May 1, they kicked off their annual food drivem which will benefit the Duke and Oliver Foundation. The Foundation will then distribute the meals among four wonderful rescue groups: Mazie’s […]

Skyler: Off the streets, but not out of danger

Where we first found Skyler hiding

Skyler is a dog that was rescued from the streets of Pleasant Grove ealier this summer. She lived her whole life without a home, depending on scraps to survive. She had a litter of puppies and tried very hard to care for them. Unfortunately, another stray dog had puppies on that same street at the […]

Dumped Husky finds new home, thanks to DDL Facebook readers!


Here is a great story about how working together, not looking away when there is an animal in need, and asking for help can create a wonderful happily-ever-after tale for both dogs and humans alike! On Sunday, July 22, Mark McKool, a longtime DallasDogLife Facebook fan, contacted DDL about a young female Husky that had […]

FreeHand pet food donation program rolls out in DFW


In an innovative approach to tackling the homeless dog problem in our community, FreeHand, a pet food company committed to “conscious consumerism” and saving the lives of homeless dogs, has pledged to donate a pound of food to a local rescue or shelter for every pound of FreeHand dog food they sell. In the DFW metroplex, […]

“One Nation Under Dog” viewing party brings animal advocates together


On Monday, June 18, over 60 guests gathered at Sambuca360 in Plano to watch the premier of the HBO documentary “One Nation Under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss & Betrayal.” The focus of the movie was America’s relationship with dogs, and included footage of dogs who were euthanized for aggressive behavior, grief counseling sessions for […]

Facebook helps save a retired police dog facing euthanasia

In a perfect world, post-retirement for those who have answered the call to protect and serve their communities would be spent safely and peacefully, being cared for in the same way that they cared for others. Inexplicably, this was not the case for Boss, a retired drug-sniffing dog from Louisiana, who was facing euthanasia on […]