Tips to make 2014 a Happy New Year for homeless animals

A new year has begun! It’s time to resolve to change our lives for the better. How would you like to be a positive change in the lives of our animal friends, too? It’s not hard and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, either. Consider these simple ideas that can […]

Chewy Representing D-Town!


I recently received a request from asking to show how my dog represents the city where we live. Well, of course! Anything to help out-of-towners know what to do in Big D! And Chewy is just the dog for the job. One of the most dog-friendly places in Dallas is Lee Harvey’s. If you like […]

Local vet clinic goes above and beyond to save parvo pups

Parvo Pups on First Day Home

I got a wonderful report about Bedford Oaks Animal Clinic and wanted to pass it on. These two little Chi pups were rescued from a bad situation (backyard breeders) where it was reported they were living outdoors and eating leftover fast food. Rescuers were able to get the owners to surrender the dogs and immediately […]

7 Tips for Dog Swim Days


For many school-aged children, summer is officially over.  As kids head back to the classrooms, canines are perking up for their yearly end-of-summer trip to a place that is usually off limits – a local public swimming pool or water park. Many cities in the DFW area are hosting Dog Swim Days to allow dogs […]

Jamberry Nails Fundraiser for Legacy Boxer Rescue!


Have you ever wanted to try Jamberry Nail Wraps? I have, and now I have a great reason to. Rescue Supporter Patti Dallhoff is donating ALL her commissions from the sale of these wraps (photo below) to Legacy Boxer Rescue! There are two designs: black with white text that says “Love Life Dogs Legacy Rescue […]

Lost Foster Dog – Dallas – Northwest Hwy/Easton Area


Thanks to for posting this notice. If spotted or found, call 214-901-4879 Former shelter dog determined to run…is lost   More eyes help find the dog — that may be an old folk saying, or maybe a new one. True, though. Maybe it’ll work this time. At any rate, the missing dog is this one. She has […]

The 2013 Dallas Dog Life Resource Guide is hitting DFW soon!

2012 DallasDogLife Resource Guide Cover

The 2013 Dallas Dog Life Resource Guide is hitting DFW soon! Each year, Dallas Dog Life creates a printed version of the Business Listings section of the website. The directory includes all of the pet-friendly businesses and organizations that are listed here, as well as helpful articles and information about responsible dog care and ownership in […]

Skyler: Off the streets, but not out of danger

Where we first found Skyler hiding

Skyler is a dog that was rescued from the streets of Pleasant Grove ealier this summer. She lived her whole life without a home, depending on scraps to survive. She had a litter of puppies and tried very hard to care for them. Unfortunately, another stray dog had puppies on that same street at the […]

Dumped Husky finds new home, thanks to DDL Facebook readers!


Here is a great story about how working together, not looking away when there is an animal in need, and asking for help can create a wonderful happily-ever-after tale for both dogs and humans alike! On Sunday, July 22, Mark McKool, a longtime DallasDogLife Facebook fan, contacted DDL about a young female Husky that had […]

FreeHand pet food donation program rolls out in DFW


In an innovative approach to tackling the homeless dog problem in our community, FreeHand, a pet food company committed to “conscious consumerism” and saving the lives of homeless dogs, has pledged to donate a pound of food to a local rescue or shelter for every pound of FreeHand dog food they sell. In the DFW metroplex, […]