post-title Balch Springs Animal Shelter is Looking for a Home for Pepper and her Pups

Balch Springs Animal Shelter is Looking for a Home for Pepper and her Pups

Balch Springs Animal Shelter is Looking for a Home for Pepper and her Pups

If you’re not familiar with the city of Balch Springs, Texas, I’m not surprised. This tiny city has only about 25,000 residents, and rests against the south Dallas neighborhood of Pleasant Grove on its western border.

Last week, I received an email with an urgent plea from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter. They are a teeny tiny shelter, doing the best they can with 3 Animal Control Officers and a very limited budget. They are trying to get the word out about the wonderful animals in their shelter who need good homes.

Immediately, I felt a tug. I grew up in Pleasant Grove, and I attended Balch Springs Christian Academy for a few years. The stray and neglected dog population was overwhelming when I lived there in the early 90s, and I can only imagine that it’s gotten worse. I knew I had to do something to help.

Yesterday, I went to visit the shelter and met with ACO Vanessa Forsythe and Police Chief Jonathan Haber. I got a tour of the shelter and all their dogs who need homes. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be featuring this shelter’s pets every week in the newsletter and in a series of blog posts. I hope we can all pull together to help them get the food, supplies, and adoptions they so desperately need.


Chief Haber and ACO Forsythe

But for now, they have an immediate and desperate need. It’s about an emaciated mama dog and her three puppies.

Sweet mama Pepper and her pups have been at the shelter for about a week. To keep them safe from parasites and other contagious diseases, they are kept in quarantine, separated from the other animals . But this little family really needs to be in a foster home until the pups are weaned and they all find forever homes. The shelter staff is feeding this mama dry and canned food but as you can see, she still needs to put on some weight. She also needs to see a vet as soon as possible.

The shelter does not have a veterinarian on staff or funding for vet care. They have been reaching out to several local 501c3 rescue groups for someone to take them in. The good news is, several rescue groups have the resources to help with vet care, supplies, and other necessities. The bad news is, they can only take the dogs if they can get a foster family who is willing to take care of this mama and her kiddos until they all adopted.

Let me make my pitch for this family. Mama Pepper is SO SWEET. She’s extremely gentle and even gave me kisses and let me hold her pups. Needless to say, I took that chance to get a heaping helping of PUPPY BREATH! BEST SMELL ON EARTH!

2015-11-19 10.29.55If you are willing to help save a life four precious lives, please – I beg you – get in touch with me or the Balch Springs Animal Shelter (972-557-6035, ask for Vanessa Forsythe). One of us can put you in touch with one of the many rescues that has offered to pull this family from the shelter, and walk you through the steps of becoming an approved foster family. If you’re an experienced foster, even better! Ask your rescue group to take in this family because you are willing to let them crash at your place.

This mama and babies need our help. If you can’t foster, I ask that you share this post with all your contacts in the hopes that someone can give this family the love and care they so desperately need.

The shelter staff has many more needs on top of placing this family, but for now, let’s get this taken care of. Many thanks in advance.


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