post-title A Valentine’s Love Story

A Valentine’s Love Story

A Valentine’s Love Story

The Beginning: Hungry and Alone

It was a scorching hot day in August, and Lovie was about ready to give up. Seven weeks pregnant (that’s almost the same as 9 months for humans), no home, no water, and no food in sight, she took refuge behind a house in a nice neighborhood near Love field.

Her puppy-daddy was nowhere to be found. Lovie felt jilted and alone. And hungry. She began to lose hope.

When it seemed like she couldn’t go on any longer, she noticed a lady checking her out from a distance. “Ugh,” Lovie thought. “She’s probably going to chase me away like everyone else does. I’ll go hide in some bushes…it’s so hot and that will shade me from the sun a little.”

A few hours later, the lady came back with another lady. (That’s me!) After a few minutes, they found Lovie – and to her surprise, they had food! And water! Lovie was about to be saved!

The next few days were a whirlwind. More people came to look at Lovie and they always had food and water. Then they put her in a car and took her to another house…and this house had a dog.

Mama Ain’t No Fool

“Hmph,” thought Lovie. “I’m no fool. Man-dogs are just that…DOGS. I won’t be jilted a second time.” She made sure that other dog, Henry, knew to stay away from her. “I can raise my babies on my own,” Lovie thought. “Well, me and these nice people can raise my babies.”

Two weeks later, Lovie gave birth to 10 puppies! (Sadly, two did not make it.) For the next few weeks, Lovie and Henry passed each other without so much as a head nod. Henry was no fool either. He didn’t have time for a drama queen, much less a drama queen with so many mouths to feed. Although, he had to admit, she did all of the feeding without any help.

After Lovie’s pups started to move around, Lovie’s heart began to soften a little. “Maybe I’ll go say hi to Henry,” she thought. “Mom and dad seem to think he’s pretty awesome.”

Henry Rebuffs Lovie’s Advances

But Henry had his pride. He ignored Lovie as much as he could. But Lovie knew he was just playing hard to get. Then one day, another man-dog came to visit. And Lovie knew what she had to do.

A few fluttered eyelashes, some wrestling, and finally, a kiss for the other man-dog was all it took. Henry didn’t like that one bit, and after that other dog left, Henry and Lovie began their relationship.

Lovie & Henry: The Best Dog Couple in History

And after more than two years (which is like 20 years to us), they are still going strong. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovie and Henry!

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