post-title 9 Times Dallas Dogs Owned the Thundersleet

9 Times Dallas Dogs Owned the Thundersleet

9 Times Dallas Dogs Owned the Thundersleet

When life hands you thundersleet, you get out there and show it who’s boss! These dogs know how to make the most of a snow day. Thanks to the Facebook readers who contributed these photos!

1. Not sure what this is but we must chase it.


2. Jacket – check. Leash and collar – check. Fabulous hat that also protects my ears – check. Let’s get this walk going.


3. My favorite part is the frozen sticks.


4. A little ice is no reason to cancel agility practice! Weave those poles!


5. You have NO IDEA how good this feels…


6. My bone is out here somewhere, I know it, and I won’t rest until I’ve found it!


7. Hmmm, tastes like…wait. I’ve been here before!


8. Neither rain nor snow nor thundersleet shall keep me from my daily workouts!


9. Too fast for a photo, but here’s proof I braved the outdoors. YOLO!




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